Image of POISON PLANET 'Demo' 7"


Originally recorded in 2007, this demo was released on vinyl by Offside Records out of France in 2011. The art from the original demo was recreated and updated to correspond with the change in format.

Offside Records went all out and printed the covers like mini-LPS with printing on the spine. The lyric and essay sheet is 7" x 14" and is double sided to pack in all of the info about the songs.

The Demo songs include:
Intro/The Victim
Mind Racing
Boycott Everything
Nothing Gets Done
Bible Stories/Outro

The line-up on this record was:
9Volt - vocals
Death Snake - guitar
Little Soldier - drums
Swamp Thing - bass

The $8.00 price reflects the heavier/nicer packaging and the cost to import them from France.